Areas of Practice

Business Litigation
Haberbush & Associates, LLP handles complex cases in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies and arbitration tribunals. Our trial lawyers have earned an excellent reputation because of their tenacity, trial advocacy skills and their creativity. We recognize the importance of collaborating and working closely with our clients during each phase of litigation. We are very sensitive to being cost-effective and efficient in the management of a case

Haberbush & Associates, LLP has extensive experience representing trustees, debtors, creditors, and asset purchasers under chapters 11, 13 and 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our experience in representing debtors has included such matters as confirming Chapter 11 plans, defending dischargeable actions, discharging taxes, and stripping liens from real and personal property. We are also well experienced in representing bankruptcy trustees and debtors in matters ranging from the prosecution or defenses of objections to exemptions claimed by debtors, to the evaluation and prosecution or defense of avoidance actions. Our services have also included representing both the sellers and purchasers of assets in bankruptcy cases.

Haberbush & Associates, LLP is well experienced in the area of receiverships and often advocates receiverships as an alternative to bankruptcy as well as a device for dispute resolution and/or the preservation of assets in situations of corporate and partnership deadlock as well as marital disputes. Our services range from representing receivers, to serving as receivers in certain cases. We have employed receiverships to accomplish the voluntary liquidation of law firms to mortgage companies, involuntary dissolutions of corporations and partnerships, and lien and/or judgment enforcement.

General Assignments
We also advocate, under the proper circumstances, general assignments (also known as assignments for the benefit of creditors). This legal device does not involve any court supervision and allows for the liquidation of all of the assets of an entity in an expeditious and economic way. Haberbush & Associates often conducts and/or recommends general assignments and will serve as an assignee for the benefit of creditors in connection with its fiduciary representation and services.

Debt Enforcement
Often, collecting a debt can be difficult and uncertain. Because Haberbush & Associates, LLP is experienced in representing debtors, creditors and trustees in bankruptcy, it is knowledgeable of the various methods for enforcing debts and the multiple schemes of debtors to avoid debt collection by transferring or hiding assets. Because of our experience, we are familiar with and knowledgeable of the many ways in which debtors attempt to make themselves “judgment proof” and how to unveil these schemes to achieve debt collection.