Uniquely Experienced in All Perspectives of Insolvency Matters

Supreme CourtDavid R. Haberbush of Haberbush & Associates, LLP has served as a bankruptcy trustee for over sixteen years. He also served as the standing chapter 12 trustee for the Central District of California for nearly two years. Mr. Haberbush, as trustee, has been involved in almost 15,000 cases which included the reorganization and liquidation of numerous businesses that cut across a variety of industries, from hotels and entertainment to dairy farming, and manufacturers to retailers.



  • Lester Raikow, CPA
  • William Gustin, CPA
  • Altschuler, Melvoin & Glasser
  • George Weinwurm, CPA
  • Ash Amarshi, CPA
  • Green Hasson & Jenks


  • J & B Dairy
  • T & N Sores Dairy
  • Robert Gruntz (horse racing)
  • Ted Terpstra (farming)
  • Cal-Tex Corn Processing
  • J & E Dairy


  • Beverly Hills First Delivery (limousine service)
  • Direct Delivery Service, Inc. (bate carrier)
  • Prime Time Shuttle (airport shuttle service)
  • Surface Air International (freight forwarding)


  • Finished Touch Building Materials (finish carpentry)
  • I Finish (finish carpentry)
  • Apel Construction (general contractor)
  • Crown Millworks, Inc. (finish carpentry)
  • Builders Plumbing Company (industrial plumbing)
  • Village Plumbing (wholesale plumbing supplies)
  • Mustang Equipment (heavy equipment leasing/rental)
  • LDG Construction, Inc.


  • Trevor Lawrence (artist)
  • River Run Films (film maker)
  • M.C.E.G., Inc. (film distributor)
  • Total Experience Record Company (music publishing)
  • The Hollywood Palace (night theater/night club)
  • Studio 3 Film Corporation (film maker)
  • EFX (sound studio or television and/or movies)
  • Frontline Music (music publisher)
  • Samurai, Ltd. (film maker)


  • Pete Ellis Ford
  • Duarte Nissan
  • Duarte Isuzu, Inc.
  • Huong Trieu (AM/PM Mini-Mart)
  • Stephen Burdette (Sir Speedy)
  • William R. Miller (9 Sizzler restaurants)
  • Vylene Enterprises, Inc. (Naugles Restaurant)
  • Larry Hedrick (3 Baskin-Robbins stores)
  • Thomas Greer (3 Ampco Transmission stores)
  • Gary Hadley (Ampco Transmission store)


  • Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Ltd.
  • Ashkenazy Enterprises, Inc. (hotels)
  • Pelican’s Nest (bar and restaurant)
  • Sam C. Stein (hotels)
  • Chopsticks, International, III, Inc. (restaurants)
  • Chi Hwang (motels)
  • Balchand Patel (motels)
  • Rio Hondo, Inc. (restaurant)
  • Velasher (restaurant)


  • Morgan & Wenzel, a Professional Corporation
  • David A. Grey, Inc. a Professional Corporation
  • Steven Stanwych, Esquire
  • Raymond Novell, Esquire
  • Jack Zarrett, Esquire


  • City of Bellflower, California
  • Coast Federal Bank
  • Imperial Savings & Loan Association
  • Long Beach Savings & Loan
  • Prudential
  • Nicholas Trust
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Resolution Trust Corporation
  • Zonni Ginochio & Taylor, a Professional Corporation


  • Jerome Cohen, M.D.
  • Dr. Richard Fox
  • Artesia – Cerritos Medical Group, Inc.
  • Dr. Mark Stokes
  • Emil Wasseff, M.D.
  • Sherman Kearl, M.D.
  • American Medical Diagnostic Centers, Inc.
  • Care Enterprises, Inc. (long term and home health care)
  • P.S. Sunset Pharmacy
  • Park Pharmacy
  • Huntor Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • Shahram Shiekholeslami, D.D.S.
  • Eugene Pallacci, M.D.
  • William Spenler, M.D.

Oil Production/Refining

  • Armor Oil Company
  • Sahuaro Petroleum & Asphalt Company

Real Estate

  • Butterfield & Mason Mortgage (lender/operator of office buildings)
  • Fadel Investment Group (real estate investment)
  • Rolling Hills Escrow (escrow company)
  • Pacific Southwest Properties (real estate investor)
  • Nick Olar (multiple unit apartment complexes)
  • Commercial Center, Inc. (office building)
  • Carlos De La Peza (multiple unit apartment complexes)
  • Financial Center, Inc. (office building)
  • Rancho San Diego, Inc. (shopping center)
  • Summit Valley Ranch (developer)
  • Donald J. Davenport (commercial real estate)
  • Weiss Family Limited Partnership
  • Downey Land Limited
  • Southland Land (development)

Retail Sales

  • Cars Plus, Inc. (automobile sales)
  • John Crandall Jewelers (9 jewelry stores)
  • Karen’s Kids Clothes (clothing)
  • Fabric Warehouse (fabrics)
  • Azteca Jewelers (6 jewelry stores)
  • USA Stationers Corp. (stationery)
  • A & A Liquor (liquor store)

Bankruptcy Trustees, Receivers, Assignees for the Benefit of Creditors, and Disbursing Agents

  • Arnold L. Kupetz, Esq.
  • Sam Biggs, CPA
  • Gilbert Vasquez, CPA
  • James R. Dumas, Esq.
  • Irving Sulmeyer, Esq.
  • Max H. Rush, Esq.
  • Howard M. Ehrenberg, Esq.
  • Richard R. Clements, Esq.
  • Robert J. Anderson, Esq.
  • Lester Raikow, CPA
  • Steven E. Smith, Esq.
  • Don Rothman, Esq.
  • Charles Daff, Esq.
  • Peter C. Anderson, Esq.
  • Weneta M.A. Kosmala, Esq.
  • Eldon L. Pesterfield, Esq.
  • Insolvency Services Group, Inc.

Wholesale Manufacture/Distribution

  • L.A. Stocktab, Inc. (printer of computer forms)
  • Bay Stocktab, Inc. (distributor of computer forms)
  • Deville Furniture Manufacturing (furniture manufacturer)
  • Wilderness Experience (outdoor clothing)
  • Printers, Inc. INK (printer)
  • Sea-Mar Food Company, Inc. (seafood distributor)
  • West Coast Metal Finishing (metal plating)
  • K & M Distributors (food distributor)
  • Intermark Components (sales/distribution of chair parts)
  • Raffia, Inc. (manufacturer of clothing)
  • F & F Food Company (food distributor)
  • S & K Plating Company (metal plating)
  • French Lace, Inc. (manufacturer of clothing)
  • Polytech Components, Inc. (manufacturer of chair parts)
  • Armbruster Tool & Dye (machine shop)
  • Merlin Engineering (machine shop)
  • Brown & Brown Manufacturing Company, Inc. (machine shop)
  • H & H Engineering Company (machine shop)
  • Quality Gym (manufacturer of gym equipment)
  • Delta Systems (manufacturer of machines)
  • Superior Transmissions, Inc. (automotive)

Trade Schools

  • California Trade Technical Schools
  • Southland Career Institute
  • Meritt College
  • Travel and Trade Career Institute, Inc.


  • Hawaiian Express Airlines
  • Pacific East Airlines
  • Apollo Travel (travel agency)


  • Clark Lift of Los Angeles (equipment sales/leasing)
  • Ultratelecom (telecommunications)
  • Keith Patterson & Associates (advertising)
  • Satellite Paging (telecommunications)
  • W & O Partners (advertising)
  • Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (church)
  • Fuller Evangelistic Association dba Charles E. Fuller Institute (non-profit church, advising and consultation)