About our Work

David HaberbushYou get what you pay for does not mean that legal services must be expensive to be good. There are efficient, cost-effective methods to provide necessary services at reasonable rates. At Haberbush & Associates, LLP, our desire is to provide our clients with top quality legal services in an affordable manner. Our firm delivers value to a client because it provides better recovery as well as minimizes risk.

Depending upon the nature and complexity of our work, we will agree to provide services for fixed fees or reasonable hourly rates. In either case, our clients know in advance the range of expected legal fees and expenses. Because we are sensitive to escalating legal costs, we work with our clients to maintain our fees at reasonable levels and within the budget constraints of their business.


David HaberbushHaberbush & Associates, LLP assists its clients in devising a plan of action designed to achieve success without unnecessary delay, and is committed to providing top quality legal services in a cost efficient manner. We recognize that a client’s decision to retain legal representation often involves a substantial investment of money, time and emotional energy which deserve a fair return. The firm brings a unique combination of a broad base of experience and a fresh creative approach to resolving business issues in a way that delivers tangible and valuable results to its clients.

Haberbush & Associates represents their clients within Federal, State and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.